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COVID-19 research studies


Join the PRINCIPLE Trial — PRINCIPLE Trial

We are looking for medicines that can help people with COVID-19 symptoms get better quickly and stop them needing to go to hospital. PRINCIPLE is recruiting participants through this website and also through GP practices across the UK.


Virus watch

We urgently need to understand more about COVID-19. The more we understand the virus the better equipped we will be to stop its spread and save lives. Current research does a very good job of reporting infection rates and identifying outbreaks. Virus Watch aims to identify how the virus spreads, and, how to stop it. To achieve this we need help from people in every community in England and Wales – from you and your family. Join thousands of households already taking part in our Virus Watch study and together we can help beat the virus.


Germ defence

What is Germ Defence?

Germ Defence is a digital behaviour change intervention to help reduce the spread of viruses like coronavirus (Covid-19). It is designed to be used by members of the public to protect themselves and the people they live with in the home.

It was developed based on evidence, theory and plenty of feedback from members of the public.

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