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Current studies


Speech is the latest research study that we are participating in.  If you are 65+ years and you suffer with two or more long-term conditions, you may be eligible to participate.  Please see the poster below for more details on how to proceed if you are interested.

speech clinical study poster

COVID- 19 research

Join the PRINCIPLE trial

Participate in Virus Watch

Join Germ Defence

Further information about these studies can be found on our COVID-research studies page.


The Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression study

is for people 16yrs+ who has experienced clinical anxiety and/or depression during their life

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Dementia research

Dementia affects 850,000 people in the UK

The only way to beat the condition is through research

In our attempts to support dementia research we now have a ‘Join Dementia Research’ Kiosk available to enable more people to be able to register their interest in dementia research. Anyone over 18yrs can sign up

Here’s the website link to the Join Dementia Research microsite to get signed up: Join Dementia Research microsite

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