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Email: [email protected]
Address: 2 Queen Square, Lancaster, LA1 1RP


We run additional facility clinics in the Healthub which is based directly behind Queen Square Medical Practice on Queen Street.

The different clinics that run in the Healthub are:

  • Sexual Health Clinic
  • Fertility Clinic
  • Gynaecology Outpatient Clinic
  • Dermatology Outpatient Clinic

Contact details

Sexual Health Clinic Telephone: 01524 580970

Fertility & Gynaecology Clinic Telephone: 01524 580958

Dermatology (About Health) Clinic Telephone: 01254 282930

Healthub address

1b Queen Street

healthub map

Healthub additional information

You do not need to be a patient registered with Queen Square Medical Practice to book an appointment in these clinics.  However, to be seen in the Fertility, Gynaecology and Dermatology Clinic will require a referral from your own GP.

We provide ultrasound monitoring for IVF and IUI patients who attend CARE Fertility Manchester. This is for both NHS and privately funded patients. Please click the following link to take a look at CARE Fertility’s website.