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Pilot Studies

Utopia – Podcast

This project will offer a way to raise awareness about mental health and informal care networks for managing distress, through a series of podcasts sharing narratives of mental health with an emphasis on the things that get people through difficult times. For details contact Alice Evans on [email protected]


Capacity building for LGBTQ+ inclusion and mental health early intervention in GP settings

Healthcare providers including the GP offer the potential to identify the needs of and support LGBTQ+ people including through quality signposting to LGBTQ+ specific support within the community. Indeed, GPs function as an important gatekeeper e.g. for trans and non-binary people to gender affirming healthcare. However, often the LGBTQ+ population is ‘invisible’ to healthcare providers with it being common for example, to assume there are few LGBTQ+ patients that they serve. In this project, we aim to draw on the principles of LGBTQ+ inclusive care as defined by Queer Futures 2 to offer a package of scoping and capacity building work to support LGBTQ+ patients.




Rethinking Accessibility in Healthcare pilot – ComfyCosy

This project will involve a creative health research opportunity with the aim of exploring ‘invisible’ access barriers to help ‘level up’ access to healthcare in clinical (Queen Square Medical Practice) and community settings (The Gregson Centre) respectively. This is congruent with the wider agenda to tackle social inequalities and inequities). The objectives include:

· To identify from patients and patrons’ perspectives, the invisible barriers to access that impact engagement in clinical and community settings.

· To understand ‘what helps’ in building trust and allaying fears about accessing healthcare in these environments.

· To compare and contrast the challenges and limitations in each setting (clinical and community respectively)

· To co-design a creative resource and manifesto for change, for each environment


Date published: 2nd August, 2023
Date last updated: 3rd August, 2023