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Some studies are active but no longer recruiting.

These studies are still running in the background but are no longer recruiting patients, or are in follow up.

  • Diamond Study – 

This is a study for patients with type 2 diabetes to identify whether they can reverse their diabetes by following a very low calorie eating regime. Some surgeries have patients following the study dietary plan and others follow their usual care route.

  • HipDys – 

Evaluation of an aid to diagnosis for congenital dysplasia of the hip in General Practice.

For more information about the study please click here

HipDyS This GP surgery is taking part in the HipDyS Study The aim of this study is to improve hip screening in babies and the identification of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). By standardizing hip screens, we hope to reduce missed diagnosis and unnecessary referrals to hospitals If you or someone close to you has a newborn baby under 11 weeks old and is due to have their baby check, you might be invited to take part in this study. If you would like information on the HipDyS Study, you can discuss further with your GP surgery at your next appointment.

  • Attack –

This study seeks to find out if low-dose aspirin reduce the chance of a first heart attack or stroke in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

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  • Alternative CErvical screening (ACES) in Primary Care study

Manchester University were running this study to determine whether a urine test can accurately be used for cervical screening in the future.

For more information please visit the study website by following this link.

Date published: 1st August, 2023
Date last updated: 17th April, 2024