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Changes to How You book a Routine GP Appointment

We are changing the way in which you get a routine GP appointment at the surgery from Monday 29th April 2024.

Whether you call the surgery, submit a triage request via our website or come to reception you will now be added to a waiting list until a routine appointment becomes available. You will be asked about the nature of your medical issue/query and availability by a member of our team when requesting an appointment. We will then contact you to get booked in as soon as there is availability.

This should help alleviate any pressure when requesting a routine appointment, as you can now call at any time of day or submit a request online to be added to the waiting list – you no longer need to call first thing in the morning to ensure you are getting an appointment as it is released. This will in turn help keep our phonelines free for urgent queries.

We hope these changes will improve patient access to our appointments.